NGO in Ahmedabad: Avval Food Card Changing Lives – Dataniya Meeraben’s Story

Discover the inspiring story of Dataniya Meeraben from Ahmedabad, a humble woman who has been changed forever by an NGO called Avval Food Card. Learn how initiatives like this are transforming lives and making a decisive difference for the people it serves.

In the vibrant city of Gujarat, a quiet revolution is taking place, by an NGO in Ahmedabad named Avval Foundation by its world changing initiative called Avval Food Card.

One such life forever changed is that of Dataniya Meeraben, a humble woman with a heart-rending tale of hardship and resilience. 

This blog post delves into Meeraben’s journey, shedding light on the commendable work of Avval Food Card an NGO in Ahmedabad and the indomitable spirit of the people it serves. 

We’ll take you through the socio-economic landscape of Ahmedabad, the pressing issues of hunger and poverty, and how initiatives like Avval Food Card are making a decisive difference. 

Get ready to be inspired and moved by the story of Meeraben and the impact of Avval Food Card.

NGO in Ahmedabad: Avval Food Card Changing Lives - Dataniya Meeraben's Story
NGO in Ahmedabad: Avval Food Card Changing Lives – Dataniya Meeraben’s Story


Brief overview of Avval Food Card an NGO in Ahmedabad

Making ends meet can be tough, and it’s particularly difficult when it comes to putting food on the table. But in Ahmedabad, there’s an organization that understands this struggle all too well.

The Avval Food Card is an initiative launched by a local NGO in Ahmedabad to offer nutritional support to those in need. With the card, families can purchase essential food items at affordable prices from registered vendors.

It’s a small but critical step towards combating hunger and malnutrition in the community. Knowing that there are people out there who care enough to reach out and help is invaluable, and initiatives like this can truly make a difference.

Dataniya Meeraben’s Story

It is not easy to navigate life’s challenges with a monthly income of less than Rs. 2000. Yet, Dataniya Meeraben Bachubhai, a resilient woman from Ahmedabad, has been doing just that for her family.

She ensures that each day, all members of her family have food to eat and no one goes hungry. Her determination and love for her family are an inspiration to us all.

However, her story took a turn for the better when Avval Foundation an NGO in Ahmedabad found her and understood her struggle.

They ensured that she and her family get food of their choice each day without fail by issuing her an Avval Food Card.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Avval Food Card and how it is changing lives in Ahmedabad, starting with Dataniya Meeraben’s story.

Background of Ahmedabad – socio-economic condition

The history of Ahmedabad is as rich and diverse as its socio-economic condition. It is a city that traces its origins to the 11th century and has since walked a tumultuous path, shaped by conquests, commerce, and cultural exchange.

Despite its glorious past, the present socio-economic condition of the city is one that demands empathy.

The struggles of the city’s population, especially the marginalized, have given rise to many organizations, including NGO in Ahmedabad.

These NGO in Ahmedabad work tirelessly to uplift communities that are struggling to make ends meet due to factors such as limited educational opportunities and inadequate healthcare.

While Ahmedabad’s socio-economic condition remains a significant challenge, the work of these NGOs remains critical in building a better future for all the city’s inhabitants.

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Discussion of hunger and poverty issues

Hunger and poverty are issues that strike at the very core of humanity. It is heart-wrenching to witness people across the world go to bed on an empty stomach, unable to afford basic necessities.

One cannot help but feel empathy for those who are struggling to make ends meet. It is in these moments of crisis that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) come to the rescue and provide hope to those who are suffering.

In Ahmedabad, there are hundreds of NGOs that are working tirelessly to tackle the root causes of hunger and poverty.

These organizations work on the ground, reaching out to those in need, and ensuring that they receive the support they require.

It is through the selfless work of these NGOs that individuals and families can look towards a brighter future, free from the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty.

Meeraben’s life before Avval Food Card

Dataniya Meeraben Bachubhai’s life is not an easy one, but she has been managing to make ends meet somehow.

With a monthly income of less than Rs. 2000, providing food for her family has been a daily struggle.

She has been the sole provider for her family and she has been working as a domestic help to earn money.

However, things started to look up for her when Avval Foundation an NGO in Ahmedabad found her.

The foundation understood her struggle and provided her with an Avval Food Card.

This card provides her the ability to buy food of her choice from its partner shops every day, without fail. This not only ensures that her family has enough to eat but also gives them the choice and dignity to choose what they want to eat.

The Avval Food Card is an initiative of Avval Foundation an NGO in Ahmedabad, founded by Abhisar Kalal in Ahmedabad in 2023.

The unique card is designed to eradicate world hunger and ensure choice and dignity to the last person on earth.

The foundation believes that no one should go hungry, and everyone should have access to good-quality food. The Avval Food Card is a step towards achieving this goal.

Avval Food Card an NGO in Ahmedabad works on a simple concept. The foundation partners with local food vendors who offer healthy meals at reasonable prices.

Cardholders can visit these vendors and purchase food using their Avval Food Card.

The foundation transfers the money to the vendors on a regular basis, ensuring that the vendors are motivated enough to treat every cardholder with dignity and respect.

The Avval Food Card has already changed the lives of many families in Ahmedabad.

For people like Dataniya Meeraben Bachubhai, it has been a lifeline. She no longer has to worry about providing healthy and hygienic food for her family.

She can now focus on other important things, like educating her children and earning a better living.

The Impact of Avval Food Card

Avval Food Card
Avval Food Card

As an empathetic observer of an NGO in Ahmedabad, one cannot help but feel inspired by the statistics behind their Avval Food Card program.

It’s not just about numbers on paper, but rather the tangible impact it has had on the lives of countless families struggling with food insecurity.

By providing access to clean, nutritious meals through a system that prioritizes transparency and dignity, this initiative has truly changed lives for the better.

Knowing that there are dedicated individuals and organizations out there working tirelessly to make a difference like this is truly heartening.

May their success continue to inspire others to make positive change in their own communities.

Nothing is more reassuring than hearing personal stories from people who have been through similar experiences as you.

This is why we gathered some heartfelt anecdotes from other Avval Food Card beneficiaries to help you feel heard and understood.

We understand that times are tough, and sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet.

But through these stories, we hope to showcase that there is always a silver lining.

From a single mom who was able to feed her children nutritious meals, to a senior citizen who was finally able to purchase his medication without worry, the Avval Food Card an NGO in Ahmedabad has made a significant impact on their lives. Remember, you are not alone in this journey.


In conclusion, Avval Food Card an NGO in Ahmedabad is a unique initiative that is changing lives in Ahmedabad, one cardholder at a time.

It provides choice and dignity to people who otherwise would have to make do with whatever they can afford.

Dataniya Meeraben Bachubhai’s story is a testament to the power of Avval Food Card.

It shows us that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life. If you want to contribute to this noble cause, consider donating to Avval Foundation today.

Your contribution can give someone the gift of food and change their life forever.

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