Standard Website Development Package for Your NGO


Key Features:

  • Strategic Nonprofit Consulting on Zoom: Two 20-minute sessions dedicated to understanding your organization’s needs and objectives.
  • Donate Button Integration: Seamlessly incorporate donation functionalities to facilitate and encourage contributions.
  • Functional Website: A fully operational website with required features and functionalities.
  • Customizable Design: Tailor the website’s appearance to align with your brand identity and values.
  • Responsive Layout: Ensure optimal viewing experience across devices – mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Basic SEO Optimization: Enhance search engine visibility to attract and engage a wider audience.
  • Content Upload: Assistance with uploading initial content to kickstart your online presence.
  • Opt-in Form: Capture visitor information and grow your mailing list.
  • Speed Optimization: Enhance website performance for swift navigation and better user experience.
  • Social Media Icons: Integrate social media channels for wider reach and engagement.
  • Number of Pages – 8: Initial setup with four pages to showcase your organization’s essence effectively.
  • Integration of Essential Functionalities: Incorporation of necessary tools and functionalities as per your requirements.
  • Support for Content Management Systems (CMS): Ensure ease of content updates and management.
  • Security Features: Implement robust measures to safeguard sensitive data and maintain trust.
  • Digital Strategies Tailored for Nonprofits: Implement advanced online strategies to boost engagement and reach within the digital landscape.
  • Delivery Time – 40 Days: Commitment to delivering your website within a specified timeframe.
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Expand your NGO’s online presence further with our standard website development package, expanding on our comprehensive offerings tailored specifically for nonprofits. This upgraded package encompasses all the features of our basic package while introducing special functionalities to empower your organization to achieve broader impact and support.

web development for nonprofits
web development for nonprofits

Key Features for Your NGO Website (Includes Basic Package features plus):

  • Strategic Nonprofit Consulting on Zoom: Two 20-minute sessions devoted to comprehending your organization’s aspirations and requirements.
  • Digital Strategies Tailored for Nonprofits: Implement advanced online strategies to boost engagement and reach within the digital landscape.
  • Donate Button Integration: Seamlessly incorporate donation functionalities, amplifying fundraising efforts and encouraging seamless contributions.
  • Extended Content Pages – 8: Increase your platform’s depth with eight pages to comprehensively articulate your organization’s mission and activities.
  • Advanced Security Features: Implement heightened security measures to ensure the utmost protection of your NGO’s sensitive data.

Benefits Amplified for Your NGO:

  • Empower Your Fundraising Efforts: With integrated donate buttons, drive impactful donations effortlessly, nurturing your fundraising campaigns effectively.
  • Enhance Online Engagement: Leverage advanced digital strategies tailored for nonprofits, boosting audience engagement and outreach.
  • Comprehensive Content Showcase: Expand your website’s scope with eight pages, allowing for in-depth presentations of your organization’s initiatives and impact.
  • Fortified Security Measures: Implement advanced security protocols, ensuring the utmost safety of your NGO’s data and fostering trust among supporters.

Grow your NGO’s digital footprint with our standard website development package. Integrate donation functionality seamlessly to further empower your fundraising initiatives. Upgrade your engagement strategies, strengthen the security of your platform, and expand your content showcase to effectively captivate and engage your audience.

Discover our advanced technology solutions tailored for your NGO. Even if you’re not ready to purchase, connect with us to learn how we can customize this package to meet your organization’s specific goals and aspirations. Grow your NGO’s online presence today!


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